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How to Make a Will in ‘Make a Will Month’


How to make a Will in 'Make a Will Month' October and November are traditionally months that people focus on making a Will and this is due mainly to the amazing work campaigns such as Free Wills Month in October and Will Aid in November have done to help promote the importance of having a valid Will. However, these campaigns are not without catches. Whilst Free Wills Month promotes the idea that donations go to a variety of charities, many of the charities pay the solicitors to write your Will, in the hope that you will leave a legacy or [...]

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Finding Out You Have Cancer – You’re Not Alone


You're Not Alone. Being told you have cancer can be difficult to deal with. Everyone reacts in their own way and it can be hard to take in everything that you are told. You can always go back to see your doctor or nurse another time to talk things over again. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for something to be explained again. Understanding your diagnosis is a good start to understanding the treatment and care that you will get. It is natural to have many different thoughts and feelings after a cancer diagnosis. Some people [...]

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