How to Make a Will in ‘Make a Will Month’

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How to make a Will in ‘Make a Will Month’

October and November are traditionally months that people focus on making a Will and this is due mainly to the amazing work campaigns such as Free Wills Month in October and Will Aid in November have done to help promote the importance of having a valid Will. However, these campaigns are not without catches.

Whilst Free Wills Month promotes the idea that donations go to a variety of charities, many of the charities pay the solicitors to write your Will, in the hope that you will leave a legacy or bequest in your Will to that charity. This can prove costly for the charity if legacies end up few and far between, and let’s face it, many people change their Will three or four times in their lifetime and so the legacies get removed some years down the line, meaning the charities miss out! It is also aimed at those over 55 years old, so not suitable for younger people with assets.

Will Aid is slightly different in that over 900 solicitors participate in this scheme and you pay a fee for your Will, usually £95 for a single Will or £150 for a joint Will, with the money being distributed between nine charities on their panel.

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At GoodWill, you will be put in touch with one of our Legal Services Partners, all of whom are Estate Planning (sometimes known as Later Life Planning) experts, who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with the more complex estates. They can advise on matters such as how to leave money in your Will to a loved one who has a disability so they don’t lose their benefits when they inherit, how to disinherit someone – unless it is done correctly, they can easily have a claim on your estate after death, and the really important stuff like who will look after your beloved pets when you are gone?

The best bit is, all our Legal Services Partners visit you in the comfort of your own home, meaning you don’t even have to move from your favourite armchair!

The beauty of having your Will written through GoodWill is that we run our charity campaign all year round. We have a number of very deserving charities on our panel and our Legal Services Partners give up their time for free, plus we do not ask for legacies – it is up to you if you wish to leave a bequest to charity. So, whether you wish to donate to help reduce plastic waste in the Ocean, support children going through cancer or keep air ambulances flying, with GoodWill, not only does your donation go to one the UK’s much-loved charities, you are guaranteed to be given detailed estate planning advice relating to your individual situation, however simple or complex your needs.

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